About Us

Our company was established in 1992 with the name Nilüfer İnşaat and stepped in the construction sector. In year 2010; building restoration/renovation, design and corporate structure maintenance teams were formed and our company name changed to Nilufer Group. Our company embodies professionals in each group and specializes with the principle “As We Promised”.

The main target structures of our construction groups are villa and mansion projects. Our architects and ­civil engineers of the design teams support our ­turnkey ­project teams. Another one of our main business item is historical restoration and main area of activity is ­Istanbul. Our restoration teams embody only architects, restarators, ­specialized stone masons and calligraphists.

We get the main support for all our areas of activity from our design teams. Our design teams are consisted of reputable and well-known architects. These architects have participated in the application and Project drawing phases of various hotels, concert halls, opera halls, restaurants, villas and mansions in and out of the country.

Nilufer Group has been the solution partner of some embassies and consulates located in Ankara by providing maintenance services with specialized teams. Our Company also has been the consulting firm for the related authorities of the countries which have been our business partners.

As Nilüfer Group; in all areas of our activity, we ­continue to work with the same enthusiasm and devotion as the first day for the happy business partners who achieve their dreams.


Nilufer Group claims to offer its professional services at the highest standard as a principle. Our goal is to achieve continuous development and improvement by ­practicing cost control, high quality, continuous ­customer satisfaction, work safety and environment protection principles. Nilufer Group has the aim of ­providing a high standard quality starting from the project forming process until the completion of work and also with maintenance and periodical checks after work is completed.


- To carry out the services we offer for our clients ­professionally.
- To use the resources cost effectively to the best ­interest of our clients and our company.
- To develop warm relations with our clients, suppliers, employees and the community.
- To rise our position to the top in the sector by ­continuous development.


- Setting an example by principles such as honesty, uprightness and equality.
- Serving our clients the highest standard services and using the latest construction technologies to maintain continuous customer satisfaction.
- Using our clients’ investment effectively by completing our projects on time.
- Providing an environment conscious and safe ­workplace,
- To become the leader construction and maintenance company in the sector by unique services and projects.